I was born and raised in Montana.  I have lived in Idaho
since 1972.  I taught Art in Mountain Home for 32 years.
  I work with a variety of mediums.  I have recently
concentrated on Acrylics, Batiking, and Watercolors.  The
Batik method has evolved from the standard way to my
personal method that I call "Bacrylik".
  My subject matter varies from portraits, figures, landscape,
buildings, to finally wildlife.  Also the subject matter has a
Western flavor.
Education :
Eastern Montana College (1970) BS in Education
Boise State University (1981) MS in Education
Art Source Gallery & Airport - Boise, IdahoIdaho Angler - Boise, Idaho
Art Zone 208 - Boise, Idaho   
Crows Nest - Polson, Montana  Creative Crafts & Framing - Pocatello, Idaho
Kelly' Collectives - Whitefish, Montana     Mike's Fly Fishing - Boise, Idaho
Visitor Center - Mountain Home, Idaho    Hayherst B & B - Pine, Idaho
Idaho Trout Paintings

"BACRYLIK" (Batik + Acrylic) is a method of painting with acrylic paint and wax on cloth. 
Leon Gaub